Cinema and Architecture

Amos Gitaï,  Lullaby to my father, 2011

Amos Gitai tells the story of his father, Munio Weinraub, who was a student at the Bauhaus design and architecture school in the city of Dessau, before Hitler closed the school in 1933. In May 1933, Weinraub was accused of “treason against the German people” and sent to prison and later on expulsed away from Germany. The film follows Munio’s route from Poland to Germany, from Switzerland to Palestine.

Gitai Munio Weinraub: Szumlany, Dessau, Haifa. Parcours D’un Architecte Moderne, 2001


Cinema and art

Amos Gitaï, Traces, Palais de Tokyo, 2011

Traces d’Amos Gitai au Palais de Tokyo di Palagret