Educational Designer.


The design project was born from the idea of creating a journey, an occasion to rediscover, as Xavier De Maistre did in his “Voyage autour de ma chambre”, the infinite memories of the domestic landscape. A scenery full of narratives, as Vittorio Lingiardi alludes in “Mindscapes” or Luigi Ghirri shows in “Identikit”.

The aim of each single is to get in touch with an instrument such as the camera or smartphone, but most importantly to trigger questions about different places and their functions. Learning to listen to the tales (as in projects, emotions, memories and affections) that are waiting to be captured, as Luigi Ghirri would describe in his speech Una luce sul muro :

“(…) Only the inhabitants provide importance and character to those places to which they refuse to give up (…) They look at them as if they were reading their own hand, knowing that in order to learn something it is critical to do it with an extreme attention. Because, except for the main lines, that are thick and clear, there are many other thin lines that cross each other until they underline the uniqueness of the entire system.”

A design project created by the students of the Digital Image and Culture, Master’s Degree in Communication Design, School of Design, Politecnico di Milano, 2020/2021.

Faculty: Piero Francesco Pozzi, Chiara Rubessi.