Edward Hopper Foundation Rome Museum

Exhibit, that’s to disturb harmony. Exhibit, that’s to construct a specific discourse for the museum, made up of objects, texts and iconography. Exhibit, tha’s to put the objects in the service of a theoretical subject, of a discourse or of a story and not the contrary. Exhibit, that’s to suggest the essential through critical distance, bearing a mark of humor, irony and derision. Exhibit, that’s to fight against the accepted ideas, the stereotypes and stupidity. Exhibit, tha’s to intensively live a collective experience.

Jacques Hainard et Marc-Olivier Gonseth, 2003

Foyer, “Nighthawks”
Room 1, Self portrait
Room 2, Formation and early work
Room 3, Hopper in Paris
Room    Creative process
Room 4, Hopper as illustrator
Room 5, Hopper’s process, drawing into painting
Room 6, Hopper’s Eroticism
Room 7, Essential Hopper: Time, Place, Memory
Room Children

Press Edward Hopper Rome 2010

Video Edward Hopper Rome 2010